Searching for a 24-hour fitness facility? Live Well Health Clubs is a 24-hour fitness facility that offers a range of training programs. You can enquire today to see the benefits for yourself.
24 Hour Fitness

Searching for a 24 hour fitness facility? Live Well Health Clubs is a 24 hour fitness facility that offers a range of training programs. You can enquire today to see the benefits for yourself.


Looking for a gym membership that offers a range of facilities? When you sign up to Live Well Health Clubs, you open the door to endless possibilities. Here is what is on offer at Live Well Health Clubs:


Our 24 hour fitness clubs source world-class trainers that are elite, qualified instructors. These coaches specialize in their field of expertise. Together, they curate and deliver powerful training curriculums. This creates the best opportunity for developing the mind, body and spirit.


Live Well hosts one of the largest range of group classes in Australia. In our range of 24 hour fitness programs, we offer:

  • Studios
  • Fitness zones
  • A mixed martial arts arena
  • A spin room
  • Functional zones


Live Well provides martial arts programs for children, youth and adults. Coached by some of the world’s best martial arts trainers, you can enhance your confidence. These workouts make a huge difference to the way you feel on a physical, mental and emotional level. They enable you to meet your desired health, wellness and fitness goals.


Child minding is available at Gregory Hills and Rouse Hill. Leave your children in the hands of a professional and caring child minding team while you train in the gym. Live Well Health Clubs offer quality and hassle-free experiences, enabling you to be confident that your children are being taken care of in the right place.


Live Well have a supplement store. They provide the best possible nutrition so that you can nourish your body. Not only is nutrition important for your body, but it is also important for your mental health too. We provide a range of renowned brands so that you can buy the best nutrition for your health.


Do you want to be total gym fit? Live Well Health Clubs have a range of equipment in the 24 hour fitness gym. We empower all of our members to be total gym fit from the moment they start with us.


You don’t always have to join a gym for body transformation purposes. Come join our gym for recreational purposes where you can develop your mind and spirit too.


24 hour fitness gyms offer the ability to create a positive mental attitude. You can attend the gym at any time of the day to transform negative thoughts into positive. We all need healthy thoughts to maintain a positive mental attitude.


24 hour fitness gyms offer the ability to create a physical transformation. This is because you can attend at any time of the day to work your body and get those endorphins pumping. We all need an endorphin release to ensure we feel our best.


24 hour fitness gyms offer the ability to create purpose in one’s life. This is because you can show up at any time of the day to put your energy into something healthy and worthwhile. We all need a purpose in life to feel fulfilled.


Having a gym routine is the best way to achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. Signing up to our fitness club is the best way to create a gym routine; this means two things.

  1. Having a gym routine means showing up on a daily basis to make the most of your gym membership. It means turning up the same time every day to put a healthy routine in place.
  2. Having a gym routine also means focusing on particular workouts each day. For example, Monday could be leg day and Tuesday could be arm day, etc.

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