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Available at:

Rouse Hill

Tenancy 2, 4-6 Commercial Rd,
Rouse Hill NSW 2155

Eastern Creek

MM1, 159 Rooty Hill Road South,
Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Gregory Hills

16/1 Gregory Hills Dr,
Gregory Hills NSW 2557

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Australia’s most competitively priced Supplement Store.

At Live Well Supplement Store we stock an extensive product range of sports nutrition at an unbeatable price.

We cater to everyone no matter what your goal. From Vitamins to protein powders, mass gainers, bars and snacks we have it all!

Some of our most popular brands include Optimum Nutrition, BSN, EHP Labs, Cellucor, White Wolf Nutrition and Redcon1.

Personal Training Section


Protein powders are loaded with key nutrients and amino acids to assist in elevating recovery and decreasing muscle soreness in the days following intense training.
We stock a variety of protein powders ranging from 100% Whey Protein, a high quality 100% Whey Protein Isolate, mass gainer, blended multi-source protein, plant based Vegan protein and fat burning protein.


Need a boost in your energy?
Pre-workout supplements can be used by anyone looking to enhance physical performance and mental focus during their workout.
We offer a range of Pre-workouts that are high stimulant, high pump, stimulant free, Beta Alanine free, fat burning enhanced and more.


Want convenience yet a nutritional meal or counting calories? Grab one or more of our fresh heathy pre-made My Muscle Chef meals from our supplement store.
Find our My Muscle Chef Meals range in store today!

BCAA’S (Branch Chained Amino Acids)

BCCAA supplements assist in boosting muscle growth and recovery.
BCAA’S can be taken before you train as a pre-workout, during your workout to assist with Delayed Muscle Onset Syndrome (DOMS) or post-workout.
They can be also be taken before breakfast if you are intermittent fasting or mid morning to assist with fat loss. Choose your favorite BCAA from our delicious range.

Fat Burners

Fat burners can give you that extra boost of energy to speed up your metabolism in order to aid weight loss. Fat burners activate your stored fat cells to be used as energy during your intense workout.
Vist us in store to check out our range of vegan, caffeinated or non caffeinated fat burners!


Still not sure if we are a good fit for you? Why not drop us a line and get some more info.


🔥Expanding Our Team🔥
Live Well Health Clubs across both our locations are super excited to expand our team and welcome the following roles:
✅ Membership Consultants
✅ Group Fitness Instructors
✅ Personal Trainers

💥 Apply online via our website on the careers page
💯 Be a part of a fast paced environment & join a growing team. For more information private message or apply now

💪Protein Powder💥

With our in house supplement store, we have your recovery covered! We have a massive range of protein isolates & concentrates from

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👋🏻Meet our Head Coach🥋

Richard Goncalves @bjjrichard is the Head Coach of Live Well Martial Arts

Richard has been training Jiu Jitsu since 2001 and is an accomplished competitor. Winning the Brazilian National Championship twice and being crowned South American Champion twice 🥇🥇🥇🥇

When he’s not rolling you can find him weight training or getting a Sauna sesh in. Our favourite thing about Richard is he’s always up for a chat and always positive! 🤙

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💎 GYM FEATURE 💎Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Linear Leg Press🏋️‍♀️

This machine is great for pelvic stability, overall strength, and a high volume of muscle recruitment. The Plate-Loaded Linear Leg Press is designed to be easy to use and have a smooth linear leg press motion

Live Well Health Clubs has a wide range of Hammer Strength branded equipment along with many other speciality brands as your one stop place of wellness.

Come see the whole range of equipment, call 0455 800 200 to book a tour. @hammerstrengthau @koachkeith_wbffpro
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⭐️Product of the Week - @mymusclechef Protein Cookies 🍪

This week we have a spotlight on Protein Cookies from My Muscle Chef. Packed with 25grams of protein 💪 These are one of our favourite sweet treats.

Come in to Live Well Health Clubs to try the different flavours
-Choc Chip
-Triple Choc
-Salted Caramel and Macadamia
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👋 Member Stories 📖

Meet Santino this young gun has been a member since 2019 and made some huge gains!

Thanks again for jumping on camera. Let us know in the comments if you want to see the full video
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💆‍♂️Recovery in the Sauna🔥

Our hot Saunas are included in your membership to any Live Well Health Club!

Be part of a gym that gives you more, visit our website or call 0455 800 200 to book a tour

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🔥HIIT Group Class 💪

Part of the many group classes we offer is High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low intensity recovery periods.

Come in today to experience a class in person!
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🥋Live Well Health Clubs presents 🥁🥁🥁@livewellmartialarts we are proud to announce the launch 🚀 of our 🥋Kids & Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu🥋school 🎉
Limited spots will be available, as we expect to be at capacity within a few months. Please enquire now to reserve a spot for your child✊
🥇🏆 Our Head coach professor Richard Concalves @bjjrichard has taken the Australian tournaments by storm and now during our trial phase ranking our school as one the Top 10 Jiu Jitsu houses in Australia. @bjjrichard is multi award/medal winning national/international CHAMPION leading your child’s success with us🔥
📞Visit our website or call for more info 0455 800 200

💃🕺Group Fitness💃🕺 S&C Strength & Conditioning
🪩You can find me in the health Club🪩 🕺🕺🕺
Combining weight training elements with dynamic and static movements in a circuit format.
🏋️‍♀️ S&C is a great way to build and maintain lean muscle, gain bone density and improve aerobic fitness
✅ Book your class today visit our website for class timetable and more info 💯

💎 GYM FEATURE 💎 Life Fitness - Cross Trainer
This machine is great for beginners all the up to experts as it offers low impact cardio with a full body workout.
@livewell_rousehill has a wide range of Life Fitness, Hammer Strength branded equipment along with many other specialty brands as your one stop place of wellness. We invite you to

Member Spotlight 🔆 Luke & Tiff
🙌🙏 Foundation members that have been adding to their wellness with us since we opened. We are excited to start sharing insights in to the humans of the Live Well Family 💛

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Visit the health club and TRAIN 4 times to go into the Draw to WIN 1 of 3 x $100 Supplement Store Vouchers 🏆
Entries close 03.07.22 Winner will be announced 4th July🎉 Only entries 12 hour apart will be counted as a valid entry into the Draw. Competition open to all members, non members(casual visits)

🧘‍♀️🏋️🤼🤸‍♂️We offer a range of group fitness classes @livewell_rousehill

✅ Our team is constantly working to improve your group fitness experience and increase our timetable of classes.

🙌 Stay tuned as we keep evolving our offerings 🚀

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Hey Fam some new toys 🧸

🧸 Plate Loaded - T Bar Row
🧸 Plate Loaded - Iso Lateral Incline Press – Horizontal
🧸 Plate Loaded - Seated Leg Curl
🧸 Plate Loaded – Pullover
🧸 B&R - Olympic Weight Storage
🚂 Cybex Plate Loaded Hack Squat
🪀 HD Elite Long Base Half Rack
🪀 HD Athletic Series Half Rack
🎩 2 x Platforms

🔹 Life Fitness
🪁 Life Fitness Insignia Series - Lateral Raise
🗽Tonnes of Bumper plates
🗽Tonnes of Olympic Plates

📣 ✈️SIMPLY TRAIN 4 x This Week✈️
TAG who you’re taking 👫
Entries close 3:00pm Sunday 12th June
Winner will be announced 7:00pm Sunday 12th June.

Simply swipe your 24/7 access pass on entering the health club and train 4 x this week for a valid entry.

Valid entries go into the draw to win. Please visit us for more information.

📣 Easter Trading Hours 📣
🔸Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season☺️
✅ No Bookings will be required for these classes

🔸Creche will be closed and returning to regular trading hours on Tuesday 19th April

⭐️ Thank you to our Group Fitness Coaches for running these classes over easter 🙌

⭐️ To book your classes please click on the link

all Fitness Passport Members and Valid Group Fitness members can book in their classes on the link above 🙌

📞 For further assistance please call our reception on 0455 800 200 so they can help you get started

💯 We appreciate your support and patience as we work towards delivering the best group fitness experience at Live Well Health Clubs

Happy New Year 🎉🥳💯
Wishing all our amazing members and the community good vibes, wellness and a healthy 2022!

Hey Live Well Fam, in the interim while while we eagerly await for Friday 9th of July 11:59pm. We understand that the stay-at-home orders affect not just us as a small business, but our members as well.

We are happy to suspend your direct debits, please email us at

We have online classes running from Monday 28th June to Friday 9th July for all of our members, as a way of supporting them through this difficult time and for the support shown from members continuing their debits.

Please see our social media pages for further information. Although we are not all in the same boat, we are all riding the same storm. We thank everyone who has already reached out to us to say that they will continue with their payment for the next two weeks and look forward to seeing you again on Saturday 10th July 2021.

Online classes will be streamed on social media

8am ABT
9am HIIT
5pm Body Conditioning
6pm Yoga

8am Upper Body Workout
9am Lower Body Workout
5pm Core Workout
6pm Yoga

8am Body Conditioning
9am ABT
5pm HIIT
6pm Body Conditioning

8am Lower Body Workout
9am Upper Body Workout
5pm Core Workout
6pm Zumba

8am ABT
9am HIIT
5pm Body Conditioning
6pm HIIT

8am Lower Body Workout
9am Upper Body Workout

8am Core Workout
9am Yoga

Stay safe and well,
Live Well Team

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