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We encourage and work towards cultivating and recruiting the best. We want "Rockstars" that want to grow, learn, teach and inspire. Staff that fit the culture and attitude to foster our values. We support to be the best version of yourself. We are a place for all walks of life.

a hunger for knowledge

We are constantly investing in expert coaches to support the growth of all staffs; including trainers, cleaners, coaches, customer service, management and all that impact Live Well Health Clubs ability achieve our combined goals and deliver to all!

passion to serve

The definition of customer service excellence is making that navigation smooth, personal, and respectful. The best guides help visitors feel like they’re discovering something. That they’re being led to an exciting place they wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

good vibe technicians

Empowering each other, smiling, making anyone around us feel engergised, excitied, welcome and at home! Understanding and acknowledging one another in positive ways...Appreciating and respecting our members who make Live Well possible...


Guide customers with information and honesty

Direct consumers with facts and authenticity Organizations should train employees to serve as tour guides to do customer service the right way. The best guides help visitors feel like something is being discovered. That they are guided to an exciting place they would not otherwise have known.

An outstanding representative of customer service is focused on getting to know the shopper, asking questions and listening. He or she guides the customer to the next step on the journey as the representative learns more. The guide should help the customer feel in control of the process, rather than goading into a particular decision. This can work in person, on the web, or online beautifully.

Be positive and proactive

Part of making this journey work is to handle everything with as much positivity as possible. Sometimes, this requires nuance.

For example, what if a customer asks for something that is out of stock? A representative could say, “We don’t have that right now.” But here’s a better option: “We’ll have that available next week. What is the best way to contact you once it arrives?”

The first is dismissive. It sends the message that your business isn’t interested in helping this consumer. The second is proactive and shows a commitment to helping the customer.

Speed can speak volumes as well, demonstrating that the company values the customer.

Develop thick skin

Of course, there are shoppers who, no matter how hard you try, will never praise your business. Some are outright rude, and without giving it a thought would waste the time of a representative.

For this reason, excellence in customer service also requires thick skin. Representatives in aggravating situations should be able to remain calm. You should learn to see it as a challenge: finding a way to turn an adversarial relationship into one that benefits both sides.

Sometimes, a customer is going through personal crisis or just having an awful day. In these situations, compassion and patience can help win them over, and turn them into satisfied customers.

Empower your personnel

Finally, businesses can’t have excellent customer service if they don’t allow their representatives to actually solve problems.

In many organizations, customer service personnel become frustrated when corporate restrictions and policies prevent them from offering buyers constructive help. This red tape leads to decreased productivity, high turnover rates, and increased training costs as new hires are brought in — all of which reduces revenue.

Excellent customer service gives personnel more autonomy. It allows them to offer discounts and credits, order replacement items or fix problems in other ways without making the customer go through any more steps.

Ultimately, it’s about being human. In each interaction, the more involved, honest, empathetic and inspired a customer service representative is, the more the customer feels valued. That makes the entire experience feel much more like a guided, enjoyable ride to the destination. Just a few of many ways we aim to benchmark amazing customer service at Live Well Health Clubs.


We’re open to everyone. Whatever your background, or whatever value you can add, we can find you a home.
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