Weight loss affirmations are powerful and positive present tense statements. The aim of using weight loss affirmations is to program your mindset so that you can achieve your goals.
Weight Loss Affirmations


Weight loss affirmations are powerful and positive present tense statements. The aim of using weight loss affirmations is to program your mindset so that you can achieve your goals. The more you program your mindset with a positive outlook, the more likely you will achieve your goals.


The answer is yes. Weight loss affirmations work but where we focus our attention, energy flows. However, weight loss affirmations are only effective when we use them on a daily basis. Saying them once or twice will not have a positive impact. To meet your weight loss goals, you must focus on weight loss affirmations every single day.


The best way to lose weight and see the results is by taking small but consistent steps on a daily basis. As you integrate the following factors into your lifestyle, you can begin to see a gradual weight loss and then celebrate your results.


Cardio is also known as aerobic fitness. Cardio training focuses on improving the capacity and efficiency of the cardiovascular system. You may think that cardio benefits have been around for centuries. But actually, it only dates back to the onset of the 1970s fitness boom.

You can integrate cardio exercises into your daily training program at Live Well Health Clubs. If you have not yet joined then enquire today to see the benefits for yourself because cardio is one of the best ways to achieve weight loss results.

You can use your weight loss affirmations while cardio training. This will enhance your empowerment and motivation towards achieving your weight loss goals.


Weight loss is not so much about sticking to a strict diet. It is more so about nourishing and fueling your body with a balance of nutrition. We all know that it’s important to increase your intake of fruit, vegetables, protein and fibre. But what about fermented foods for gut health?

Fermented foods are nutritious and easier to digest than the same foods eaten raw or cooked. They are nutritious because the fermentation process adds the following to the food:

  • Live enzymes
  • B vitamins
  • Protein

Be sure to create your favorite fermented recipes to ensure that you are taking care of your gut health. This will help improve your mental health as well as weight loss affirmations.


Everything begins with the mind. You must have a clear, focused and disciplined mindset if you are to achieve your weight loss goals. Focusing attention on a positive vision inspires humans to continue taking motivated action.

This is why weight loss affirmations are so powerful. If you speak them into existence, then the words become your reality. Your mind is a powerful tool, so focus on what truly matters and use it wisely.


Our thoughts become habits and our habits become routine. It is important to check in with yourself each day to recognise what habits might need adjusting.

Some of us can pick up bad habits because of our environment. For example, your friendship circle. Who do you spend most of your time with? This is a significant concept because we must surround ourselves with positivity. Take time to recognize your habits and why you have them. Take time to reflect on what you might need to adjust in your life so that you can achieve your fitness goals. Write down all of the positive habits that you would like to maintain.


  1. I eat a balanced diet and I enjoy every single bite
  2. I achieve all my health and wellness goals with ease and enjoy every moment of the journey
  3. I choose to nourish my body with the optimum nutrition
  4. My body is a temple and I do the best I can to take care of it
  5. I am reaching my target weight with ease
  6. I hydrate my body by drinking lots of water, especially after exercise
  7. I remove unhealthy habits from my lifestyle
  8. Whatever I focus on, I am able to achieve
  9. Everything in my life is abundant with unlimited health
  10. My mind is aligned with the health of my body and soul
  11. My purpose is to live my best, healthiest life
  12. Losing weight is easy and I enjoy the journey
  13. My fitness levels are improving each day
  14. I make the best choices for my well-being
  15. I choose to eat the right foods to fuel my body
  16. Everything is working out perfect for me
  17. I am in a state of pure wellness when I choose to take care of my mind and body
  18. I am productive during the day and sleep well at night when my health is at its best
  19. I love myself enough to achieve my fitness goals
  20. I respect my body and take good care of it 

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