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Club Features

L ive Well 24/7 is Australia’s Ultimate Super Gym. It combines a fully equipped gym with an amazing atmosphere, allowing you to achieve your fitness and health goals. This health club is one of the largest in the area and provides many different variations of training zones and arenas.

A long with the exceptional range of facilities the gym comes with a sauna. It includes a world class mixed martial arts training facility. The accredited instructors provide high quality instruction for self-defence training. Please refer to the MMA section for more information. Kid’s classes are offered in the martial arts arena allowing you to train while providing your kids with essential self- defence skills for life.

A Free Style Zone is included, giving you the chance to train in the hugely popular functional training style. We possess a wide range of state of the art equipment from Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Concept 2, SMAI and other well known brands.

T he health club offers an incredible range of classes. Classes range from Yoga to Zumba to Les Mills. Spoil yourself for choice at Live Well. Classes are scheduled to accommodate people’s busy lifestyles.

S ure there are many features that make this gym unrivalled but what makes Live Well 24/7 really special? It is our extreme member focus. The team here at Live Well are all highly accredited and extremely member focussed. How we engage our members differentiate us from many other clubs. Our dream is to get our members to achieve their dreams and to create an atmosphere where members get along and to help each other achieve, succeed and maintain.

L ive Well 24/7 boasts countless premium features. Come in and immerse yourself into this amazing world of wellness and enhance your well being.

Health Club Features include:

  1. 124/7 Gym
  2. 2Group Personal Training Sessions
  3. 3One on One Personal Training
  4. 4Yoga, zumba, Boxing, HIIT and more.
  5. 5Mixed Martial Arts School
  6. 6MMA Octagon
  7. 7Functional/ Freestyle Training Zone
  8. 8Free weights, Pin-Loaded, Plate-Loaded
  9. 9Supplement Store
  10. 10Sauna
  11. 11State of the Art Equipment
  12. 12Kids Zone / Creche